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Stitch a needlepoint heart starting at January’s meeting

Stitch a heart! Stitch a heart!

The next meeting of Colorado Columbine Chapter of American Needlepoint Guild is Monday, January 20, 2014 at Bethany Lutheran Church, starting at 6:50 p.m.

We will get to see the results of the year-long project called ‘Galaxy,’ stitched by several members, then we get to launch another beautiful project called “Honey, I Shrunk the Heart!” designed by Pat Timpanaro. Our own Cynthia L. will be teaching this class.

See full instructions on the American Needlepoint Guild website:

And here is the stitch guide:

To complete Honey I Shrunk the Heart, you will need:

10″ x 10″ 18-count mono canvas
10″ x 10″ stretcher bars
1 skein overdyed silk or cotton (Waterlilies, Floss Overdyed, Sampler Threads, Silk ‘n Colors, Weeks Dye Works, etc.)
Color A
lighter value #5 pearl cotton
darker value #5 pearl cotton
#8 pearl cotton
Kreinik #16 braid
Kreinik #8 braid
Color B
#5 pearl cotton
#8 pearl cotton
Kreinik #16 braid
Kreinik #8 braid
Color C
lighter value #5 pearl cotton
darker value #5 pearl cotton
#8 pearl cotton
Kreinik #16 braid
Kreinik #8 braid
#5 pearl cotton
cotton floss
Kreinik #16 braid (2 reels)
Select a skein of overdyed silk or cotton that contains the colors you want for your heart. You should be able to find three different color families in this overdyed thread. These will be Colors A, B, and C. Following the Materials List above, select colors of pearl cotton, floss, and Kreinik metallic. The values (light, medium, or dark) that I used were ones that were pleasing with my particular skein of Floss Overdyed. Choose values that complement your overdyed thread. You will use most of the skein of overdyed thread, but only a yard or two of each of the pearl cottons and Kreinik braids, so this is a good project to work from your stash.

If you want to have a background, choose a color that contrasts with the colors in your heart. You will need floss, #5 pearl cotton, and Kreinik #16 braid (or 1/16″ ribbon) in same color. You might find it easier to select the Kreinik metallic first and then pick the matching cotton. You will need a full skein or spool of each thread for the background.

This is a great project to use your stash of needlepoint threads! Think rosy pinks and peaches! We will continue this project at the February meeting, so there will be plenty of assistance available if needed.

Also, we are planning a March project called Sharon G’s “Watering Can with Hydrangeas,” which can be paid for at the January or February meetings ($85 which includes a stitch guide). It is a beautiful canvas, as fans of Sharon G. can imagine.

Lots to look forward to with stitching needlepoint this spring!

Consortium classes in 2014 offer needlepoint designs with pizzazz for our stitchers

Needlepoint stitchers from Columbine Chapter will want to get these beauties on the calendar in 2014! Expert instruction, beautiful threads and canvases, new designs are all on tap for all members to enjoy. The Denver Metro Needlework Consortium serves us all and brings together the best in Colorado needlepoint offerings.

Designers Toni Gerdes and Sue Reed are going to town on new designs! Check out the link below, which takes you directly to the Denver Metro Needlework Consortium:


Or view the designs here:

2014 Denver Metro Consortium classes 2014 Denver Metro Consortium classes Denver Metro Consortium classes for 20 Denver Metro Consortium classes for 2014

Don’t forget our General Meeting on Monday, January 20 (Martin Luther King Jr Day, and yes, we meet) at 6:50 p.m. at Bethany Lutheran Church.

We will be seeing the results of the year-long project called ‘Galaxy’ on which our members have been working:
Barb shows a magnificent finished piece at a recent Show & Tell. Barb shows a magnificent finished piece at a recent Show & Tell.

See you there… much exciting stitching awaits us in 2014…

Our group’s needlepoint is still on glorious display at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver

Members of Colorado Columbine ANG visit the tapestries at convention center. Members of Colorado Columbine ANG visit the tapestries at the convention center.

They’re gorgeous, they’re on public display and they’re ours! The needlepoint masterpieces created in 1991 by the Colorado Columbine Chapter of the American Needlepoint Guild are still as stunning and vibrant as they were upon creation. The tapestries have been on public display, a gift to the city of Denver from our guild, for 20 years now. The triptych of magnificent designs by artist William Hook were interpreted in beautiful colors of wool yarn and stitched by our members.

Each panel is 6’x 6′ — a vast surface on which to stitch, and every inch of each panel is a blend of colors to depict the three seasons and aspen trees in the original art.

View from the balcony. View from the balcony.

Viewed from afar, the designs create beautiful seasonal scenes in a blend of colors, textures and reflection of light. The view close up is vastly different and shows the skill and artistry of the stitchers. Below, see the textures afforded by the different stitches. Basketweave is clearly evident, but also see how the long, vertical stitches bounce the light.

Close-up of tapestry. Close-up of tapestry.

CCC-ANG member Caela Conn Tyler spent many hours selecting just the right threads and blends of colors to maximize the effect in the exact lighting in which the needlepoint tapestries would hang. There is a plaque nearby commemorating her contribution and that of our guild.

Let’s see more close-up views in these photos, taken by Cynthia L….

Closeup image of needlepoint stitches. Closeup image of needlepoint stitches. Closeup image of needlepoint stitches. Closeup image of needlepoint stitches. President Lea K. who organized the trip. President Lea K. who organized the trip.

Our thanks to our president, Lea K., for organizing our field trip to the Colorado Convention Center. She was curious enough to honor past members’ monumental contribution to our city by taking a trip to view them in person. Also, thanks to Erin Knight of the Colorado Convention Center for giving us the tour and making the visit special by sharing stories of interesting events in the ballroom. And many thanks to photographer Cynthia L. for providing these wonderful photos of our trip.

Most of all, thank you to the current and former members of the Colorado Columbine Chapter of the American Needlepoint Guild for producing such a magnificent and memorable work of public art.

Needlepoint still glorious after 20 years. Needlepoint still glorious after 20 years.

Needlepoint in September with a renewal of membership!

President Lea President Lea

Our group, the Colorado Columbine Chapter of American Needlepoint Guild is meeting on Monday, September 16, at 6:50 pm at Bethany Lutheran Church in Denver.

Our president, Lea K., leads us each month as we discover new needlepoint techniques, stitches and friends. On the 16th, our program chair, Barb G., will introduce a new project: Cookie-Cutter Contest. Canvas in 14-gauge will be available free, and some 18-count canvas will be available for a small fee. Bring a favorite cookie cutter to trace and finish your entirely personal design by November’s meeting to enter the judging! Get creative and crazy with your own design and threads! Sky’s the limit here!

Also, it is time to renew our annual memberships! Keep needlepoint alive and kicking with a low-cost membership in CCC-ANG ($26). Membership chair Tina H. will be encouraging each of us to pay now and glide into holiday stitching carefree. Let’s make her job easier and pay on time. See Tina on the 16th and renew your annual membership. Or, find her mailing address in the roster and get your $26 check in to her asap! You will NOT want to miss a moment of needlepoint enjoyment.

Membership's Tina H. Membership’s Tina H.

Also happ’nin September 12-15 is another bead show at the old Denver Merchandise Mart Annex, 451 E. 58th Ave. Admission is free to check out the bead artists, merchants, buttons, jewelry, antiques, books, tools and supplies. For more info, see The Renaissance Bead Show at .

And the Colorado Needlepoint Roadshow was a sure hit with members!

Now, THIS is the kind of fun needlepointers can expect when they get together with other stitchers! Colorado Columbine members showed up in good numbers to enjoy the recent Colorado Needlepoint Roadshow in Castle Pines:

Columbine members enjoyed the Needlepoint Roadshow. Columbine members enjoyed the Needlepoint Roadshow.

Needlepoint is great for making friends…

Needlepointing friends. Needlepointing friends.

Denver-area needlepoint stitchers will want to know about the Colorado Columbine Chapter of the American Needlepoint Guild, where we are all about making lifelong friends. Our common interest in doing needlepoint becomes an addictive pleasure that’s enhanced by getting together to savor others’ needlepoint projects.

The thrill of finding a new canvas design and selecting beautiful needlepoint threads and yarns with which to decorate it is a feeling known to all needlepointers. And we like to share that thrill — if you are a beginning stitcher, no worries! You will find a welcoming and encouraging group of enthusiasts at Colorado Columbine. We take a summer break from our monthly meetings in August, but will meet up again on September 16 for our regular chapter meeting at Bethany Lutheran Church. Check out our Facebook page HERE.

Also in September, starting Friday, Sept. 6 and continuing Saturday & Sunday, Sept. 7 & 8, is the COLORADO NEEDLEPOINT ROADSHOW! hosted by Jill Likes, owner of The Needlepointer in Everett, WA and Karen Barton of The Pine Needle Shop, Custom Needlepoint Finishing in Castle Pines. This is a first-time needlepoint event in Colorado and is a full-on celebration of needlepoint. It is to be held at the Castle Pines Community Center, 7404 Yorkshire Drive, 80108. The three-day format allows plenty of time for shopping — there are many designers participating, bringing ‘trunk shows’ and new threads and hand-painted canvases.

On Friday, there will be classes in thread painting, ribbon stitching and beading and opportunities to chat with experienced stitchers. On Saturday, a full-day class on a Melissa Shirley design will incorporate some of the techniques you can learn on Friday. So plan to stop by on any (or all) of the three dates in September — bring a piece to stitch or start right in on a new canvas you’ve selected from all the designers on offer at the Colorado Needlepoint Roadshow. Find out more details HERE and see some amazing needlepoint canvases that will be at the show!

Let’s Help those who are Less Fortunate this Holiday Season – Canned Food Drive

Every November, we celebrate the start of the holiday season with our annual potluck.  Our potluck will be on Monday, November 19th, and you can be sure that we will have lots of goodies for our members!In addition to the normal festivities that go along with our annual potluck, this year we will be collecting canned food to bring to a local food bank.

Please help us help our neighbors who are less fortunate this holiday season – bring something to donate to our next meeting on Monday, November 19th.