Needlepoint basics offered every month at Colorado Columbine Chapter meetings

Janet Gebow

Janet Gebow

A wonderful new program is underway at Colorado Columbine Chapter meetings! It’s called “All You Ever Wanted to know About Needlepoint But Were Afraid To Ask” and is designed to give members a solid knowledge of needlepoint stitch techniques, no matter how long they have been stitching.

Every meeting will offer an option to sit in on a session with needlepoint expert Janet Gebow, who will demonstrate the good practices every stitcher should have. The first session in March showed members a basic stitching kit and how to tie in and tie out threads on a canvas.

Janet also eloquently expressed what so often goes unsaid, but is understood by all who love this art. It is wonderfully soothing and addictive, rewarding and enjoyable, giving many hours of pleasure to those who are drawn to it. She described the exquisite colors and textures to be savored, and the infinite designs painted on canvas to be chosen. And Janet also discussed the canvas embellishment that takes needlepoint to another level. She gave an enticing glimpse of upcoming sessions, so join us to take your needlepoint experience to new heights!

Here is a schedule of her upcoming offerings:

April, 2014 Line Stitches – Back stitch, outline stitch, stem stitch

May, 2014 Straight Stitches – pathway for stitches and how to stitch straight stitches from unnumbered charts

June, 2014 Tent Stitches and other stitches which are variations on the basic tent stitch

July, 2014 Other Diagonal Stitches

September, 2014 Crossed Stitches

November, 2014 Tied Stitches

Colorado Columbine Chapter has supplied a 10″x10″ piece of 13 count canvas. Stitchers should bring 10″x10″ stretcher bars, and some pearl cotton. There is no charge for the instructional copies, or the canvas.

And now to a TA-DA moment!

Show & Tell in March offered a much-anticipated finished piece by Jane M., who has had her beautiful stitched canvas framed to commemorate a family trip to San Diego. The canvas is crowded with wonderful specialty stitches that elicited oohs and aahhs from the members. One of the great pleasures of our meetings is the opportunity to share our work with stitchers who Really Know What It Took to Get That Canvas Done!

Jane's framed piece wowed 'em at Show & Tell

Jane’s framed piece wowed ‘em at Show & Tell

Needlepoint programs schedule for Colorado Columbine Chapter, 2014-15

CCC-ANG stitchers at work.

CCC-ANG stitchers at work.

Colorado Columbine Chapter of American Needlepoint Guild presents its 2014 schedule of upcoming programs for its regular monthly meetings. Also election results for 2014-15 board positions announced below:

March –Sharon G’s Pink Hydrangeas class begins—
             Needlepoint tips about Very Basic Stitches & beginning and ending threads
              Sign-Ups begins for Independence Day ($13)– a charted design
April – Annual Dinner & Installation of Officers
            Needlepoint Tips with Janet Gebow
            Sign-ups continue for ‘Independence Day’ ($13)
May G-A-R-A-G-E   S-A-L-E!! Clear out your stash and make room for your new acquisitions! Price your items and donate just 20 percent to Colorado Columbine Chapter!
           Final chance to sign up for Laura Perin’s design, ‘Independence Day.’
            Needlepoint Tips with Janet Gebow
June – ‘Independence Day’ project starts with stitching at regular meeting
                Sign-Ups begin for ‘Tiny Friendship Gift Boxes’
July –Continue working on Independence Day
         Last chance to sign up for ‘Tiny Friendship Gift Boxes’
August –Vacation — there is no meeting this month
September –Tiny Friendship Gift Boxes project begins
                          Needlepoint Tips Resumes with Janet Gebow
October –How to put together Tiny Friendship Gift Boxes
                    Needlepoint Tips with Janet Gebow
November –Holiday Party
December –NO Meeting–Happy Holidays and Joyeux Stitching!
January, 2015 –Janet Gebow Bargello Design, especially designed for our group!
ELECTION RESULTS for 2014-15 board positions:
President – Lea K.
1st VP, Programs – Barb G.
Secretary – Karen B.

In memory of a beautiful needlepointer

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Ritta, at left, with her  friend.

Ritta, at left, with her friend.

R I T T A    S M I T H      1 9 6 4 – 2 0 1 4

We have lost our dear and lovely friend Ritta Smith after her long battle with illness. Our hearts are with her family and friends and we convey our deepest sympathy. Ritta was a talented needlewoman, but more importantly, a mother, wife, daughter and friend to many. She will be deeply missed.

The photo above shows her as we stitchers are likely to remember her, smiling, enjoying every moment with close friends and stitching her beloved needlepoint.  And below, simply as a beautiful person.








Needlepoint in March will feature election of officers for 2014-15

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President Lea K.

President Lea K.

Elections are upon us at Colorado Columbine Chapter, American Needlepoint Guild. Voting is to be by returned ballot to Treasurer Sandy F. prior to the meeting night of March 17 or by submitting a written ballot available at the meeting by 7 p.m., when voting ends.

The slate of officers up for election:

Lea K., President

Barb G., Programs chair

Madonna O., Membership chair

See everyone on Monday, March 17 at 6:50 p.m. at Bethany Lutheran Church for our general meeting and election of officers for 2014!


Take a look at this summer’s project, starting in June…”Independence Day” by designer Laura J. Perin… Full thread list, cost and sign-up sheet will be at the March meeting!

(DESIGN by Laura J. Perin)

Needlepointers, Tues., 18th is last day to ensure a place in Toni Gerdes’ ornament pilot class!

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Columbine ANG needlepoint members, Tuesday, February 18 is the last day to be sure you have a place in Toni Gerdes’ Pilot Class for the beautiful Christopher Ornament! After Tuesday, it is open season and Consortium members will fill the available seats!

Toni’s class will be held Saturday, May 17 at Bethany Lutheran Church. The cost is $75.00 plus your share of the room. A $50 deposit is required to hold your place. Final deadline for signing up is April 1.

Toni is a GREAT teacher, and this is a wonderful holiday piece. Please contact Barbara G., Columbine’s progams director, with any questions. Scroll down to the previous posting on Consortium classes to view details and photo.

Our general meeting this month is Tuesday, Feb. 18, 6:50 p.m. at Bethany Lutheran, so head on in and sign up for Toni’s class while you’re here.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Stitch a heart!

Stitch a heart!

Reminder, needlepoint stitchers! Our February meeting is on TUESDAY, FEB. 18 rather than our usual Monday due to the President’s Day holiday when Bethany Lutheran Church is closed.

Again, we will meet at 6:50 p.m. on Tuesday, Feb. 18, in the Great Hall to resume our stitching of Honey I Shrunk the Heart with Cynthia L. Join us or bring your own current project!

Remember to bring your latest finished pieces for Show & Tell! Its the highlight of the evening…

Happy Valentine’s Day, stitchers!

Finishing needlepoint is the goal, and here are beautiful results our members showed in January

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Marcia G finished 'Galaxy' long before the year was up.

Marcia G finished ‘Galaxy’ long before the year was up.

‘Galaxy’ was a year-long project with a designated area to finish each month. Some stitchers, however, are so skilled and goal-oriented they were able to cross the finish line early. Marcia G. and Barb C. were two such speedy stitchers.

Barb C. shows a finished Galaxy!

Barb C. shows a finished Galaxy!

Finishing needlepoint pieces into framed, filled, stuffed or edged accessories is always considered an accomplishment. Members much appreciate the stitching and sewing that creates an enjoyable addition to the house.

Stitchers Marcia G. and Barb C. used different thread colorways, as can be seen in these pictures. Their choices give completely differing looks to the same design. It is part of needlepoint pleasure to experiment with colors and their relationships to each other.

One secret learned by needlepointers everywhere is that there is a certain color that can bring a piece of needlepoint to life. It is called the ‘poison’ color, no matter which color it actually is, because of its surprising effect on all the other colors. It jolts and startles the eye, but, like a black lampshade in a beautifully decorated room, prevents an overall feeling of too much sweetness. So go ahead, throw an acid green onto those pinks and cranberry colors and see what happens!

Gloria showed lovely Southwest-themed ornaments she'd stitched.Gloria showed lovely Southwest-themed ornaments she'd stitched.

Gloria showed lovely Southwest-themed ornaments she’d stitched.

Members have been busy stitching and finishing, and it’s always fun to see the new results.

Here, Cynthia shows what can be done by slightly altering a design. ‘Honey I Shrunk the Heart,’ our current project, is shown here stitched not as a heart, but as a square, and finished in a frame. Cynthia chose delightful colors, and gave a tip about selecting threads for this project. Choose the variegated thread first, then add the other colors that fit or match it well. This project will continue into February (when the meeting is on TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 18 DUE TO THE PRESIDENTS’ DAY HOLIDAY when the church is closed that Monday).

Cynthia showed 'Honey I Shrunk the Heart' stitched as a square.

Cynthia showed ‘Honey I Shrunk the Heart’ stitched as a square.

Jennifer R. has created another beautiful original design to be presented to ANG as a class, called ‘Radishes,’ a companion to her earlier design, ‘Carrots.’

Jennifer R. shows 'Radishes.'

Jennifer R. shows ‘Radishes.’

And below, Jennifer shared her creation which is double-sided, people! She has stitched it to show either front or back. Both are beautiful! She said this is an idea she’s been wanting to experiment with for a long time.

Jennifer R. shows 'Radishes.'

Jennifer R. shows ‘Dragonfly.’

There will be more Show & Tell stars in February. Remember the change in meeting night:

FEBRUARY 18, 2014

Stitch a needlepoint heart starting at January’s meeting

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Stitch a heart!

Stitch a heart!

The next meeting of Colorado Columbine Chapter of American Needlepoint Guild is Monday, January 20, 2014 at Bethany Lutheran Church, starting at 6:50 p.m.

We will get to see the results of the year-long project called ‘Galaxy,’ stitched by several members, then we get to launch another beautiful project called “Honey, I Shrunk the Heart!” designed by Pat Timpanaro. Our own Cynthia L. will be teaching this class.

See full instructions on the American Needlepoint Guild website:

And here is the stitch guide:

To complete Honey I Shrunk the Heart, you will need:

10″ x 10″ 18-count mono canvas
10″ x 10″ stretcher bars
1 skein overdyed silk or cotton (Waterlilies, Floss Overdyed, Sampler Threads, Silk ‘n Colors, Weeks Dye Works, etc.)
Color A
lighter value #5 pearl cotton
darker value #5 pearl cotton
#8 pearl cotton
Kreinik #16 braid
Kreinik #8 braid
Color B
#5 pearl cotton
#8 pearl cotton
Kreinik #16 braid
Kreinik #8 braid
Color C
lighter value #5 pearl cotton
darker value #5 pearl cotton
#8 pearl cotton
Kreinik #16 braid
Kreinik #8 braid
#5 pearl cotton
cotton floss
Kreinik #16 braid (2 reels)
Select a skein of overdyed silk or cotton that contains the colors you want for your heart. You should be able to find three different color families in this overdyed thread. These will be Colors A, B, and C. Following the Materials List above, select colors of pearl cotton, floss, and Kreinik metallic. The values (light, medium, or dark) that I used were ones that were pleasing with my particular skein of Floss Overdyed. Choose values that complement your overdyed thread. You will use most of the skein of overdyed thread, but only a yard or two of each of the pearl cottons and Kreinik braids, so this is a good project to work from your stash.

If you want to have a background, choose a color that contrasts with the colors in your heart. You will need floss, #5 pearl cotton, and Kreinik #16 braid (or 1/16″ ribbon) in same color. You might find it easier to select the Kreinik metallic first and then pick the matching cotton. You will need a full skein or spool of each thread for the background.

This is a great project to use your stash of needlepoint threads! Think rosy pinks and peaches! We will continue this project at the February meeting, so there will be plenty of assistance available if needed.

Also, we are planning a March project called Sharon G’s “Watering Can with Hydrangeas,” which can be paid for at the January or February meetings ($85 which includes a stitch guide). It is a beautiful canvas, as fans of Sharon G. can imagine.

Lots to look forward to with stitching needlepoint this spring!

Consortium classes in 2014 offer needlepoint designs with pizzazz for our stitchers

Needlepoint stitchers from Columbine Chapter will want to get these beauties on the calendar in 2014! Expert instruction, beautiful threads and canvases, new designs are all on tap for all members to enjoy. The Denver Metro Needlework Consortium serves us all and brings together the best in Colorado needlepoint offerings.

Designers Toni Gerdes and Sue Reed are going to town on new designs! Check out the link below, which takes you directly to the Denver Metro Needlework Consortium:


Or view the designs here:

2014 Denver Metro Consortium classes

2014 Denver Metro Consortium classes

Denver Metro Consortium classes for 20

Denver Metro Consortium classes for 2014

Don’t forget our General Meeting on Monday, January 20 (Martin Luther King Jr Day, and yes, we meet) at 6:50 p.m. at Bethany Lutheran Church.

We will be seeing the results of the year-long project called ‘Galaxy’ on which our members have been working:

Barb shows a magnificent finished piece at a recent Show & Tell.

Barb shows a magnificent finished piece at a recent Show & Tell.

See you there… much exciting stitching awaits us in 2014…

Keep books on Needlepoint handy for a snowy day

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President Lea

President Lea

By Lea K.

There are several more needlepointing books that everyone should take a look at! All are from the public library.

The “first” book, not to miss, is titled: “Folk Art Needlepoint – 20 Projects Adapted from Objects in the American Folk Art Museum,” and written by Ruth Peltason, c 2008. This book is nicely organized thematically by types of folk art motifs – such as flowers and daily life and offers 20 projects and variations from the American Folk Art Museum that is the country’s leading museum in this field. The author provides delightful notes on the motifs and museum pieces that are inspiring. Also, this book’s talented needlepointer, Karyn Gerhard not only charted all the patterns, but stitched ALL the books projects. “Folk Art Needlepoint” also presented insightful commentary on motifs and original artworks presented from this museum.

Secondly, but no less important, is the book titled, “101 Needlepoint Stitches and How to Use Them,” and the author is Hope Hanley, c 1986. Remarkable stitches, and best yet — the very same book available now as an E-Book – the on-line book electronic resource. Visually, the bold colors offered by the digital computer screen can show these actual stitches incredibly nicely. Additionally, librarians specializing in E-Books are nice resources. Please take a look at these not only interesting but entertaining books, as well.
These books can entertain on any snowy day.


Be sure to note the 2014 program information in next post…

Needlepoint in November brings out the holiday party goers

Barb shows a magnificent finished piece at a recent Show & Tell.

Barb shows a magnificent finished piece at a recent Show & Tell.

Denver-area needlepoint lovers are invited to join us for our “Annual Holiday Party” and potluck supper on Monday, November 18 at 6:50 pm at Bethany Lutheran Church. If you wish to participate in our gift to exchange (under $10 is recommended cost), please wrap and bring it. Also, please bring a non-perishable food item to be donated to one of our local food banks. Tis the season to share!

It’s the grand finale of our Cookie Cutter Ornament Contest! The winner will be chosen by popular vote and a prize awaits the most creative needlepoint creation.

For those who are working on the year-long “Galaxy” project, January will be the time to bring your completed projects. We are eagerly looking forward to seeing how many people have finished their needlepoint pieces. There will be a nice surprise for ALL who have finished “Galaxy.”

For your calendars, plan on these upcoming meeting programs:

December, 2013:
No formal meeting scheduled. Enjoy your holidays with family and friends.

January, 2014:
-Finished “Galaxy” can be presented to the membership for ooos and aaahs.
-We will begin “Honey I Shrunk the Heart, Square or ?”
Information will be given out at November 18 meeting.
-Nominations for new officers presented to the membership

February, 2014:
-Continue: “Honey I Shrunk the Heart, Square or ?”
-Finishing ideas.
-Members may add names to the nominations for new officers.

March, 2014:
-Spring Garden Humbug, and Floss Holder.

April, 2014:
-Finishing Spring Garden Humbug and Floss Holder.
-Installation of new officers!

Looking forward to seeing all of you Monday for the Annual Holiday Party!